ARES is an International Project Management company specialising in trade, we offer services for the supply of products/materials for the Building Construction Industry. Our main strengths are in the procurement for Housing Projects, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Office Buildings. We are dedicated to providing our clients a full range of Trade and Logistics Solutions with lower cost and higher efficiency. Our tailored services and focus on sourcing requirements for our Clients has enabled ARES to build a comprehensive database of key personnel, manufacturers and business partners. OUR SERVICES International Liaison Office We offer to represent, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and be responsible for the overall management of project activities for your company and also follow up business affairs in Turkey. Our office will report directly to your company Director. We offer a base contact address, representation of Company, and direct interaction on behalf of Company with Personnel, Manufacturers and Suppliers. We also offer to work project based, depending on Clients requirements and requests. PRODUCTS Materials supplied to Projects within Turkey, Middle East, North Africa and CIS Countries. FINISHING •Aluminum Windows •Marble & Granite SPORT FACILITIES •Stadium Seating •Auditorium Seating •Metal Lockers HOTEL, OFFICE, HOSPITAL •Hotel, Office Furniture •Medical Instruments

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